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Conrad Mason

Praise for The Demon's Watch

...written with oodles of imagination, humour and wit... Conrad has created a fantastic start to an amazing adventure - I loved every minute embroiled in this story.

(Mr Ripley's Enchanted Books)


This book is fantasy at its very best. A brilliant story, matched with amazing writing and characters you want to grab from the page and give a huge hug, makes a book that is just un-put-downable!



Conrad Mason’s descriptions of life in Port Fayt, his humour and his turn of phrase make The Demon’s Watch a complete joy to read.



This can only be described as a rip roaring adventure - you get sad moments, followed by laughs, mixed in with fighting and gore. This book really does offer something for everyone and should be enjoyed by all!!! If you are a fan of Pirates of the Caribbean or the works of Terry Pratchett, I think this book is made for YOU!!!

(District YA)


Amid the swashbuckling and shoot-outs, the ethos and humour recall the straighter-faced Discworld books.



A very funny and very original story...Pirates, magic, amazing creatures and adventure, blend them into the mix and you come out with Demon's Watch, the perfect book for boys and anyone looking for a brilliant adventure.

(Armadillo Magazine)


This is such an enjoyable fantasy adventure. The worldbuilding is rather wonderful and completely credible but also unobtrusive...The action gets going right from the very first pages and it doesn't let up until the very end. The plot twists and turns without the tiniest of holes. The characters are well formed...the best thing about The Demon's Watch is the dialogue. Sparkling and energetic, it's full of wit and comic timing, with piratical idioms galore...I think this rip-roaring fantasy adventure is going to win a loyal - and thoroughly deserved - following.

(The Bookbag)


Readers hungry for a plot as labyrinthine as the streets of the old port, pell-mell action, with chapters left hanging from cliff, roof or mainmast, should much enjoy this headlong read. Rip-roaring excitement and energy, and none the worse for that.

(Books for Keeps)


It’s cleverly written, there is a whole host of twists and Conrad doesn’t waste time by getting down to the nitty-gritty that will keep your young reader hooked to the final page... Magical.

(Tatty's Treasure Chest)


This exciting fantasy has well-rounded, likeable characters and a lively, twisting plot, yet it also tackles the issues of acceptance and prejudice.



A swashbucking, magical, hilarious and scary adventure with quirky characters you can love, hate and wish you were friends with.

(Books, Bonnets and Full-frontal Blogging)


Based on The Demon's Watch, his debut novel, Conrad Mason is most definitely an author to watch out for in the future....I loved it! Yet again, David Fickling has struck gold! For me there are two things that really make The Demon's Watch: the characters and the dialogue between them. The two combined make for a hugely entertaining and comic fantasy story that will have young readers enchanted. Conrad Mason has filled his story with characters to rival those in any of Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels.

(Book Zone For Boys)


The Demon’s Watch is fantasy at its best...It’s a brilliant story, amazingly written and with fantastic characters. The whole book is fast-paced and exciting from beginning to end, filled with tavern brawls, witches, wizards and even monstrous sea creatures...The writing is something akin to Terry Pratchett’s style, with wonderful, crystal clear descriptions and great injections of humour throughout, making for an interesting read.

(Mostly Reading YA)


A terrific debut novel from Conrad Mason plunges you into a fantastic fantasy world you wont want to leave. Filled with page turning action, surprise twists, laugh out loud moments and brilliant characters, such as the quick-thinking Tabitha, Scribbler! was on tenterhooks all the way through.

(Scribbler! Magazine)


...the thing that makes The Demon’s Watch a good book, rather than an average one, is

the delicate balance between light heartedness and serious suspense. Mason is definitely

one to watch.

(Behind the Words)


...imbued with hints of Terry Pratchett...Mason's writing is lively and engaging, and his message of tolerance is a potent one.

(The Literary Review)


The pacey plot is filled with action that will entertain even reluctant readers. The plot is not predictable though and I enjoyed the unexpected twists that kept me guessing until the end. Even the last few pages threw in yet another cliff-hanger which have left me full of anticipation for Mason’s sequel to be published.

(Wright Reading)


An excellent debut fantasy novel which will entrance readers in its humour, setting and essential humanity, but which is original, witty and wise. Full of pace and unexpected twists it will engage younger readers.

(Carousel Magazine)


Each page brims with adventure, magic, darkness, tension and suspense...When you complete this story, you feel a little piece of you has been left tucked among the pages, but readers console yourselves, more adventures from Conrad Mason lie ahead.

(Inis Magazine)


Brilliantly drawn, with wonderfully descriptive passages, and excitement and tension a-plenty, this story cleverly intermingles the worlds of humans and mythical beings, so that it hardly seems like a fantasy novel at times. In so doing the author creates a picture of racial harmony that we can see is worth fighting for.

(School Librarian Magazine)


Fayt is excellently depicted - you really feel as though you are in the town...This is fantasy at its believable best, with a cast of fascinating characters.

(Parents in Touch)


...a very energetic and lively children’s book, that is chock full of the cool stuff that the younger audience will like.

(The Book Plank)