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March 2012 (David Fickling Books)








'We're the Demon's Watch, son.

Protectors of Port Fayt.

Scourge of all sea scum.

Don't tell me you've never heard of us?'


Captain Newton and his men keep watch over Port Fayt, where humans live in peace alongside trolls, elves and fairies. They've always kept the town safe from pirates and smugglers. But now Fayt is under threat from a much more powerful enemy - the League of the Light, who have sworn to destroy all non-humans. And to make matters worse, a dangerous witch has just arrived in town...


Half-goblin boy Joseph Grubb works in his uncle's tavern, the Legless Mermaid, and has only ever heard stories of the Demon's Watch. But when he runs away from his uncle and finds himself deep in a criminal underworld, Grubb might be the one person who could help the watchmen save Port Fayt.


This is my first novel - a fast-paced fantastical adventure story - and the first title in the TALES OF FAYT series.

David Wyatt July 2011


Conrad Mason

A Tale of Magic and Skulduggery

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April 2013 (David Fickling Books)


'Are you afraid? You should be.

For tonight there are greater dangers

than imaginary monsters...'


Half-goblin boy Joseph Grubb is the newest member of the Demon's Watch - protectors of Port Fayt. And now the town needs them more than ever, because the almighty League of the Light has sent an armada to wipe it off the map.


The Fayters' only hope is to persuade the magical merfolk to fight with them. But the merfolk won't go to war. Not unless their princess is returned to them from the clutches of the most dangerous nine-year-old in the Ebony Ocean.


It's up to Joseph and his friend Tabitha to rescue the mermaid princess . . . But a secret from Joseph's past

is about to change everything.


This is the second title in the TALES OF FAYT series,

with more magic, pirates and skulduggery.


A Tale of Battles and Betrayal

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- Shortlisted for the Leeds Book Award 2013

- Shortlisted for the Redbridge Children's Book Award 2013

- Longlisted for the Portsmouth Book Award 2014

- Longlisted for the Lincolnshire Young People's Book Award 2013

- Longlisted for the Waverton Good Read Children's Award 2012